Why you should attend the Festival of Functional Medicine?

Health is the cornerstone of feeling good, having energy and living your best life. The components of life that allow great health are what you eat, how you move, how you think and how you sleep. We have put together a fun-filled day that speaks to anyone who has wondered if there is anything they can do to feel better, while having fun and living life to the full.


Track: For Me

Food Is Medicine. What you eat affects all aspects of how your body works. The symptoms you are experiencing are due to your body being out of balance. If you can figure out why you are out of balance, your body can heal.  You can then have all the energy you need to think clearly, do what you want and enjoy your life. 


This talk will help you understand what you need for the energy to think clearly and enjoy your life.  

Speaker: Kim Adams

Track: For Me & my Younger Person

As you grow, having the right food to fuel your body is important for your future. Food is fuel and medicine for your body. It allows you to produce enough energy to do what you want to do and be who you want to be.  


This talk will educate you on how to fuel the young people you care for and allow them to achieve their full potential and have what they need to live life fully. 

Speaker: Amie Lunn



Track: For Me

How you think affects how your body works. Thoughts innocently trigger changes in the body. These changes affect how the body is working.  If the body is in a state of constant pressure, it becomes on alert in anticipation of the next threat. This means it is not able to rest, digest and renew itself.  Which leads to the symptoms of not feeling well.  You then stop doing certain things and perhaps start taking medication to support the body.  All in all, you can’t do what you want to do or live life optimally. 


This section is for those who are currently struggling to do what they want and who may not have considered  how thought could be part of the picture that is a barrier to living life optimally.

Track: For Me & my Younger Person

Creating reality through thought. Teaching kids about their internal guide, thought and feeling will help them navigate life.  These are tools to allow them to navigate with compassion the world around them as they grow in our fast-paced society.  


The aim of this section is to give you the information  you need to support your young person's thinking  as they grow and encounter life as this affects both their mental and physical health.

Speaker: Ruth Tarr


Track: For Me

Movement is a key element in healing the body. Movement triggers the mitochondria  cells that create energy. It makes you feel better, quickly and with joy. Finding joy is where healing happens.  


Movement is not only about going to the gym.  It's about creating energy and joy for your body to support healing. This session will help you see movement in a new light and find a way to move which suits you.  

Track: For Me & my Younger Person

Active movement or play is healing. A typical young person is more sedentary than before. Movement with laughter can help the immune system and relieve stress. What kind of movement can help your young person and how can this help their brain and healing? 


Exercise has a lot of thinking associated with it.  Let’s find a way to get young people moving to help them laugh, feel good, support their immune systems and feel more focused.

Speaker: TBC



Track: For Me

This is the time for the body to rest and heal. When the body comes back into balance, it has fewer symptoms.  There is often less pain, less fatigue, better mood which leads to better choices with food and lifestyle activities. Prioritising sleep can be the one small step that brings increased energy and better mood, enabling life to be lived to its best potential.  


This session is for you if you have ever wondered how to increase your energy and feel better with minimum effort. 

Track: For Me & my Younger Person

Sleep is key to healing and dysfunctional sleep can affect mood, behaviour and symptoms.  This is a time for the body to rest and restore balance. It helps a young person to focus, to learn better, to better regular his or her emotions and make better food choices.  This reduces the risk of developing long-term health conditions thus allowing optimal wellbeing and the best chance to achieve potential.  


Understanding how sleep affects you and how to optimise your quality of sleep will allow you to live life optimally and achieve your potential.