John Roberts

Born in Liverpool and graduated at Leeds University 1977-1981 B.Ch.D in Dentistry.
Associate Dentist in Huddersfield/ Halifax Jan 1982-1987.
Post Graduate study at Capitol University Washington DC Dr of Integrative Medicine 2002.
Established and owner of Coteroyd Dental & Integrated Health Practice 1987-2019 Rochdale/Huddersfield
Resigned from NHS 1994 as refused to place dental amalgams
Clinical Director and Associate at Cote Royd Dental since 2019
Dr John Roberts is a hands-on clinical dentist with 40 years’ experience. John has steered his career and learning towards a more biological style of dental care. This means he has looked at how the mouth and body work and how they influence each other for better or worse.
To gain a better understanding of many aspects of what is known as holistic or alternative health care John obtained a second degree in Integrative Medicine from Capitol University Washington DC USA in 2002. This has greatly impacted on the care he offers as a dental practitioner and the patient’s whole wellness.
Within the dental profession here in the UK and worldwide John has gained a reputation as an innovative and dynamic lecturer on a variety of biological dental topics, to include, biocompatibility, mercury free mercury, safe dental care, infection free dentistry and correct dental function as it relates to sleep, snoring, breathing and temporo-mandibular issues. John advocates a team approach for overall wellness and health care and is excited at being involved in this multidisciplinary webinar event.