Izabella Natrins

Izabella was appointed to the position of CEO at the UK Health Coaches Association
in November 2020, where she leads development of the first professional body for
Health and Wellness Coaching in the UK, Ireland and the world. She was formerly
the Director of Standards and Professional Development at the Association, initiating
a cross-industry working group to undertake a comprehensive strategic review of
professional Standards for Health and Wellness Coaching in the UK and Ireland to
develop and establish robust standards and a defined scope of practice.
Izabella is a qualified Real Food Nutritionist, Lifestyle Medicine, Health and Wellness
Coach. With over 30 years’ experience in the health and executive management
space, her roles have included: Health Research Psychologist in Public Health
Medicine, NHS/Department of Health Programme Manager and Managing Director
of a Management & Organisational Development Consultancy.
Having put her own autoimmune disease into remission, Izabella is passionate
advocate for Functional and Lifestyle Medicine and was a co-founder of the
Birmingham Functional Forum and Lifestyle Medicine Group. She and runs a
successful whole-health and wellness coaching practice and a health information
and education website at IzabellaNatrins.Com. A passionate champion for real food
as medicine, Izabella is the author of The Real Food Solution – a treasury of
evidence-based food wisdom for energy, vitality and better health for people and
planet, dedicated to supporting the work of the British Association for Holistic
Medicine and Health Care’s (BHMA) Real Food Campaign UK.