Graham Hill

A celebration of my life.
Hello and welcome and thank you for taking the time to read this.
My name is Graham Hill and I am the owner of Iveridge Hall.
I As I consider myself to be quite a humble person I have been trying to find one word to describe my reason for writing about myself and my life. Well I found just one and that was the word PRIDE.
I am immensely proud of what I have achieved in my life and even more so now with making the successful launch and growth of Iveridge Hall.
PROUD of my working class roots and my parents and grandparents who served in the 2nd world war and were hard working people who gave me a humble simple but memorable childhood.
PROUD of what I achieved as a young man that enabled me to actually earn the cash to buy Iveridge Hall. This began back in 1977 when I started my own design and marketing business and grew it from just me, my wife Linda and a couple of people, into one of the best marketing businesses in the North, employing over 75 people reaching a turnover of around £5million, then sold it to a management buyout in 2002.
PROUD of the way I approached retirement by taking some amazing trips to China and India with an organisation called Leaders Quest who take people on leadership programmes to help young authentic grass roots leaders to develop their leadership skills within a number of N.G.O.S. Then spent some good times in a beautiful place called Embercome, developing my own personal skills. Then hungry for more learning travelled with my wife Linda to Africa and Cambodia with the charity Action Aid, to do some rewarding very physical charity work and have
written more about all these experiences in an unpublished book called the Heart and Soul of Iveridge Hall.
PROUD of my own efforts in managing and supervising the huge Iveridge building and renovation project to the point of opening with around 250 health club members signed up and
ready to go..
PROUD of my own determination and courage to keep going and contributing to Iveridge Halls growth following a 12 week stay in hospital from a series of strokes, that left me with an extensive brain injury and 9 long years of battles with Trauma, O.C.D, and heightened amplified emotions.
IMMENSELY PROUD of my wife and family who held things together while I was in hospital and have continued to do so throughout my 9 year recovery. Even though I had big personality changes and intense obsessive behaviours .