Dr Shamistra Barathan

Dr Shamistra Barathan graduated from Imperial College School of
Medicine in London in 2000 and worked in the United Kingdom and
New Zealand before settling in Melbourne in 2011.
She has over 20 years of experience in medicine and has worked as a
General Practitioner for the last 15 years. She specialised in
nutritional and environmental medicine by completing the
Fellowship with the Australasian College of Nutritional and
Environmental Medicine (ACNEM) in 2019. She also holds the
Fellowship with the Royal Australian College of General
Practitioners. She is now excited to be on the Board for ACNEM and
to be part of the vision of transforming global health.
Dr Barathan founded and runs her private Integrative Medical Clinic
in Melbourne. She is an advocate for holistic care and created a
healthcare team which includes an Integrative Dietitian, Counsellor
and Hypnotherapist, a Yoga Therapist and a Mindset coach.
In her spare time, she meditates, practises yoga, plays the piano, is
learning to sing, is a mountaineer, an avid traveller with her husband
and is involved in charity work.